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Ingestre Hall collaboration by all primaries

Ingestre Hall June 2018

A record breaking 96 pupils from Nishkam Primaries in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and London joined together for a 3-night visit to Ingestre Hall Arts Residential Centre.  This was the largest group Ingestre Hall has ever accommodated since its opening in 1961.



Ingestre Hall was built in 1613 and sold by the 21st Earl of Shrewsbury in 1961.  The sale stipulated that the hall “must be used for the purpose of promoting the arts and education”.   Ingestre Hall hosts schools and youth groups for children between 7 and post 16 from all over the world and provides enrichment of education and life experiences for children and young people through the creative arts.  It is the only Arts Residential Centre in the UK and Nishkam Primary School have been visiting the centre for the past 4 years.

Ingestre Hall projects its aims to extend the legacy of Ingestre Arts to be nationally recognised as a centre of excellence where children and young people’s horizons are broadened and where they are inspired and motivated to achieve their full potential in an aspirational environment where creativity and sense of self is valued and encouraged to blossom.  The centre’s aim resonates with our aspirations as a Trust and we have been fortunate to build upon on experiences year after year.


Values Education

This year our visit was planned to encompass the theme of Forgiveness.  To enable pupils to artistically explore the value of forgiveness they were required to understand what it means to forgive and how liberating the act of forgiveness could be.  This sparked many discussions about their own experiences with forgiveness and ultimately the burden of holding a grudge with friends and peers.

Based on these discussions our pupils devised a dance, drama performance, music ensemble and some fabulous art work representing forgiveness in all its essence.  By the end of our visit our pupils could clearly demonstrate their understanding of forgiveness and why we hold this value in such high regard at our primary schools.   Their art work was to an excellent standard and has since been shared with all staff across the trust.


Personal development

Throughout the visit pupils demonstrated independence and were commended on their participation.  They enjoyed social time just as much as their artistic learning experience and made some wonderful new friendships.  It was a privilege to accompany them on this visit and we are extremely grateful to parents for supporting this visit.


The following video provides just a snippet of our moments at Ingestre Hall this year: